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At Brit Alliance, we recognize that a security system is only as effective as those personnel who are responsible for implementing it. As such, our team of industry experts pride themselves on complimenting physical security surveys with world beating security personnel training.

Our Physical security surveys are designed with two key principles in mind;

Defence in Depth – Assessing the effectiveness of a security solution as a complete system, and measuring the adverse impact(s) that the loss of an element comprising the security system has on its ability to effectively mitigate a threat.

Graded Approach – Ensuring that business critical assets receive a level of security protection commensurate to their value in the organization’s ability to maintain operations.

Our comprehensive security audits/surveys are underpinned by intelligence led threat assessments, which accurately reflect your business, and its operational environment. In addition to threat identification, our experts will work with you to identify organizational vulnerabilities, and develop timely, effective, mitigation measures with the aim of designing in resilience.

Our consultants are highly experienced in carrying out bespoke, detailed security surveys. We work all over the world for clients in government, industry, insurance companies and private individuals. Our surveys range from initial assessments to detailed examinations of corporate headquarters and remote, high-value facilities. We identify security risks and provide comprehensive, actionable and affordable recommendations for mitigating risk. 

Here are some of the areas we consider in our surveys:

–  Physical Security

–  Risks to Personnel and Assets

–  Contingency and Emergency Response Planning

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